2019 Gathering


was held
MARCH 26-28, 2019,
in Nashville, Tennessee
with over 60 participants
learning Strategic Planning
“For Just Such a Time as This”

At the March Gathering, TIIMSA reviewed its Mission and Vision Statements and identified three areas for potential growth. The TIIMSA Board is in the process of working on those items to further refine, prioritize, and bring to fruition those changes. Subscribe (below) to receive our newsletter for regular updates beginning soon.

Watch here for event photographs…

Rev. Dianne Christopher’s TIIMSA History Presentation
from 2019 Gathering on March 27, 2019:

“TIIMSA – Where it all began”

Save the date for next year’s
Gathering on March 17-19, 2020,
in Nashville, Tennessee!

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Here are some photographs of what happened
at the 
2016 TIIMSA Gathering, April 19-21,
at St. Andrew UMC in Highland Ranch, Colorado…

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