2021 Gathering

Courage for ChangeApril 20-22
Plano, Texas

The 2021 TIIMSA Gathering is designed for anyone, clergy or laity from any denomination, who is interested in intentional interim ministry and desires tools and resources to reach for excellence in a time of deep transition. Along with the keynote sessions on “Courage for Change,” workshops are offered addressing a variety of ministry skills. Continuing Education hours are available upon request. AND, the fellowship of the TIIMS community/network is an additional bonus.

OFFERING for all interested in interim ministry
  • Insights, tools and resources for excellence
     required in a time of deep transition
  • Workshops to sharpen key ministry skills
  • Continuing Education hours (on request)
  • Networking with colleagues across the nation

Our Keynote Speaker: DR. GIL RENDLE 

“Good leadership is not enough,” says Dr. Rendle who has facilitated conversations with denominational leaders for more than 40 years on how to deal with difficult times. His most recent 2019 book, QUIETLY COURAGEOUS, Leading the Church in a Changing World, presents a radically different way of thinking about leadership in the Church today. He will guide participants toward gaining the skills required for “telling the Story that will get us through the wilderness.”
Dr. Gil Rendle, Keynote Speaker
Beginning as a United Methodist pastor and then serving as a consultant, Dr. Rendle has worked
over the last 11 years, as a senior vice president of Leadership Ministry at Texas Methodist Foundation facilitating conversations with denominational leaders on how to lead courageously in today’s rapidly changing cultural and spiritual environment. He previously worked for 12 years with the Alban Institute (now Alban at Duke Divinity School) as an author and seminar leader.



The event begins Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. with Check In and Opening Worship at 1:30 p.m. Our event location is North Texas Conference Ministry Center, 500 Maplelawn Dr., Plano, Texas 75075


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