2018-19 Board of Directors

Pictures of TIIMSA Presidents

Since the beginning of TIIMSA, six United Methodist pastors have served as Chairperson of the Board of Directors, representing a total of 15 years of faithful leadership. The first chairperson was Rod Wilmoth (deceased). Pictured above, from the left and in the order of service, Dianne Christopher, Carl Grubbs, Sue Carter and Rinya Frisbie. The current chairperson is Darrell Coats (not pictured).

TIIMSA Executive Committee and Board of Directors for 2018-19
(Abbreviations indicate one of the five United Methodist Jurisdictions: NC=North Central, NE=North East, SC=South Central, SE=South East, and W=Western)

Chair: Darrell Coats (SCJ)
Chair-Elect: Bonnie Osteen (SCJ)
Secretary: Diane Townsley (NCJ)
Treasurer: Vivian Hiestand (WJ)
Past Chair: Rinya Frisbie (WJ)

Class of 2019
Kathy Moore (NCJ)
Charles Murry (SCJ)
Jane Vaughan (SCJ)

Class of 2020
Pat Johnson (WJ)
Don Neal (SEJ)
Stephan Ross (WJ)

Class of 2021
Dianne Christopher (NCJ)
Bill Kemp (NEJ)
James Michael Waldrop (SEJ)

Class of 2022
Sue Carter  (SCJ)
Robert Kirby (NEJ)
Angela Meeks (NCJ)

Coordinator of Media and Strategic Communications (Ex-Officio):
Keith L. Head (SCJ)