TIIMSA Board of Directors

Pictures of TIIMSA Presidents

Since the beginning of TIIMSA, seven United Methodist pastors have served as Chairperson of the Board of Directors, representing a total of 17 years of faithful leadership. The first chairperson was Rod Wilmoth (deceased). Pictured above, from the left and in the order of service, Dianne Christopher, Carl Grubbs, Sue Carter and Rinya Frisbie.

TIIMSA Chair Darrell Coats passed the leadership to Bonnie Osteen in 2019.

At the TIIMSA Gathering Banquet on March 27, 2019, TIIMSA Chair Darrell Coats passed the leadership to Bonnie Osteen.

TIIMSA Executive Committee and
Board of Directors

(Terms begin at end of annual TIIMSA Gathering. The abbreviations indicate one of the five U.S. United Methodist Jurisdictions: NC=North Central, NE=Northeastern, SC=South Central, SE=Southeastern, and W=Western.)

*TIIMSA Chair: Bonnie Osteen (SCJ)

*Chair-Elect: Charles Murry (SCJ)

*Past Chair: Darrell Coats (SCJ)

Secretary: Diane Townsley (NCJ)

Treasurer: Vivian Hiestand (WJ)

*TIIMSA Officers are elected for two-year terms

Class of 2021

Dianne Christopher (NCJ)

Pat Johnson (WJ)

Bill Kemp (NEJ)

Class of 2022

Rinya Frisbie  (WJ)

Gary Turner (SCJ)


Class of 2023

Jan Nicholson Angle (SEJ)

David Underwood (NEJ)


Class of 2024

Scott Lothe (NCJ)

Jane Sautter (NEJ)

BT Williamson (SCJ)

Coordinator of Media and
Strategic Communications (Ex-Officio):

Keith L. Head (SCJ)

TIIMSA Board Representation According to Jurisdictions
and Annual Conferences

North Central Jurisdiction
Class of 2021: Dianne Christopher – Iowa
Class of 2024: Scott Lothe – Iowa
Secretary: Diane Townsley – Iowa

Northeastern Jurisdiction
Class of 2021: Bill Kemp – Western Pennsylvania
Class of 2023: Mary Catherine Miller – Eastern Pennsylvania
Class of 2024: Jane Sautter – Upper New York
Class of 2023: David Underwood – Upper New York

South Central Jurisdiction
*Past Chair: Darrell Coats – North Texas
Communications Coordinator: Keith Head – North Texas
*Chair-Elect and Class of 2023: Charles Murry – Arkansas
*Chair: Bonnie Osteen – Texas
Class of 2022: Gary Turner – Central Texas
Class of 2024: BT Williamson – Texas

Southeastern Jurisdiction
Class of 2023: Jan Nicholson Angle – North Carolina

Western Jurisdiction
Treasurer: Vivian Hiestand – Pacific Northwest
Class of 2021: Rinya Frisbie – Oregon-Idaho
Class of 2022: Pat Johnson – Mountain Sky