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“Bread That Satisfies:
Comfort Food for COVID and Beyond”

10:00 am to 11:30 am
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hosted by the Iowa Annual Conference
Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry
Standing Committee

A Video Conference on "Bread that Satisfies: Comfort Food for COVID and Beyond" November 24, 2020



A series of new TIIMSA-sponsored informative Zoom workshops with topics relevant to interim and transitional ministry.

These one-hour video conference calls on Zoom will enable us to maintain connections and enhance our ministry toolbox during this time of social distancing. Our Conversations are the first Thursday of each month, beginning with a half-hour presentation of the topic, followed by Q&A and sharing of insights from participants.


TIIMSA Conversation #3 on November 5, 2020:

The subject of finances is the most favorite discussion in the church … NOT! Yet we are called to be faithful stewards, even in times such as these. But how? The year of 2020 with COVID-19 has presented many financial challenges for individuals which impacts the church, as well. How can interim ministers approach this topic seeking generosity in the midst of scarcity? What hope may we offer for 2021?

Rev. Bonnie OsteenThe presenter was Rev. Bonnie Osteen who has served as a Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry Specialist (TIIMS) for 13 churches in a variety of situations that include: conflict, pastor removal, sabbatical, death in pastor’s family, cross cultural, transition between pastoral appointments, and at a college Wesley Foundation. This calling is one she approaches with passion. Bonnie received the TIIMS Approval status with General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) in 2014, and is currently  the Chair of the TIIMSA Board. In 2015, Bonnie joined the Texas Annual Conference staff as the Director of Intentional Interim Ministry. She is a National TIIMS Trainer and enjoys leading the seminars across the nation. She enjoys teaching and preaching about God’s abundance of grace. Also, her strong emphasis with hands-on-mission has given her the opportunity to serve through local ministries such as UMARMY and food pantries and also global mission trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Belize. Bonnie is married to Dave, who serves as Captain with Fire/EMS in Pearland, Texas

WATCH the recording of the webinar (45:29)



TIIMSA Conversation #2 on October 1, 2020:

Advent has many themes and rituals that relate to transition and the interim ministry task. The end of 2020 is likely to be a year of social and political change. Many in your congregation will be looking forward to a post COVID-19 world. It is important to recognize what has been lost in 2020 and to turn the congregation’s attention towards a future that has yet to be revealed.

The presenter was Rev. Bill Kemp, a longtime member of the TIIMS Board of Directors, a novelist, self-help author, web-content provider, and an unofficial instigator for change. He has written over a dozen books, many of them dealing with transition, including “The Church Transition Workbook,” and “Going Home: Facing Life’s Final Moments without Fear” (with Diane Kerner Arnett). He also provides a weekly lectionary-based blog at Early in 2020, he launched the website which talks about the pandemic initiating a spiritual transition. In November, he will publish “The 5 Stages of COVID Anxiety: How to get through this mess and be better for it.”



WATCH the recording of the webinar (59:35)



TIIMSA Conversation #1 on September 3, 2020:
“Beginning, Building and Ending Relationships
in the time of COVID-19”

This Zoom presentation was our first TIIMSA Conversation led by Rev. Dr. Mary Catherine Miller, Senior Pastor of Newark United Methodist Church, with 18 participants from across the nation. Assuming relationships are essential to ministry and our current pandemic is changing how we relate to one another, the workshop gave an overview of keeping connected and radiating God’s love. Dr. Miller recalled the Process Tasks taught in the training of Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry Specialists and her experience of how ministry relationships have been affected by four different categories: IDENTIFY: what relationships do we have? DEFINE: prioritizing relationships by purpose. NURTURE: connecting and caring for individuals, as well as communities. RELEASE: saying farewell while preparing for a new pastor. The presentation was followed by enthusiastic discussion by the participants concerning best practices in the midst of a pandemic. The Zoom presentation was not recorded, but the Powerpoint is available for download here.



The GENERAL BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND MINISTRY, The United Methodist Church, provides resources for Interim Ministry on their website at you are a trained Transitional Intentional Interim Ministry Specialist and desire to apply for Approval Status from the GBHEM administered by the United Methodist Endorsing Agency, please go to the Methodist Endorsement Application Portal for the Methodist Churches of the Pan-Methodist Commission at

The Tasks of an Intentional Interim Minister

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